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Scancem Materials (SM) was formed in 1993 with a head office in Australia. Initially SM was a holding company for its subsidiary Microsilica JV, a leader in the development of silica fume use in Australia and Asia. SM became involved in steel fibres in 1995 and became the leading supplier in Australia before 2000. SM branches were started in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa. In 2001 the international trading operations for steel fibre and silica fume were moved to the Singapore office. Singapore is now the centre of operations providing silica fume, steel fibres and support in HPC throughout the region.

Current Activities

Towers Scancem Materials (SM) provide silica fume, steel fibres, synthetic fibres and pigments for use in concrete. Scanfibre, our range of steel fibres, has become a leading brand for slabs on ground and shotcrete. Scanfibre is supported by tried and tested design methods. Scancem's silica fume is sold throughout Asia and Australasia. It is quality assured and competitively priced. Detailed technical and design advice is provided.

Besides the above products, Scancem Materials also market Portland Blastfurnace Slag Cement and Pulverised Fuel Ash. Portland Blastfurnace Slag Cement and Pulverised Fuel Ash are used for mass concreting and for better performance concrete.

SM is also the exclusive distributor for the intelliRock Concrete Maturity System which provides real-time, on-demand estimates of in-situ concrete strength, accelerating workflow and extending the construction calendar.

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