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Synergy Pigment

SYNERGY pigments are a selection of very inert materials which are insoluble and stable in concrete's alkaline solution. The stringent quality control of our manufacturing process ensures SYNERGY pigments are easily dispersed into properly mixed concrete, and bonded strongly into cement matrix. SYNERGY pigments are guaranteed UV stable and their non-fading characteristics will maintain their original colours in concrete for years to come.

High Strength

SYNERGY pigments are made to achieve maximum benefit for end users. Thorough mixing will ensure maximum effect at minimum dosage. Up to 10% of SYNERGY pigments can be added to cementitious materials without detrimentally affecting the concrete's properties. However, the most effective dosage range of SYNERGY pigments is between 3% and 6%.

Full Range of Colours

A full range of high quality colour pigments, including yellows, reds, blacks, oranges and browns is produced. These pigments are available in more than two dozen primary colours and hundreds of blends - the most popular of which are detailed on this colour chart for ease of specification. In addition, an endless spectrum of custom colours can be created. SYNERGY produces colours with infinite possibilities. So, whatever project you have on the drawing board if you can manufacture it in concrete, we can work with you to transform your concept of colour and effect into reality

Flexible and Safe Packaging

SYNERGY pigments are packaged in a variety of sizes for convenience of handling and use:

Wide Range of Applications

Synox Pigment

Anything that contains cement can be coloured with SYNERGY pigments, including all interior and exterior concrete. Ready-mix and precast concrete, integrally coloured by SYNERGY pigments, has been used with great success for: