ScanJoint Armor Joints

protect the edges from impact damage

ScanJoint Armour Joints

ScanJoint Armour joints are used in free movement joints to protect the edges from impact damage from traffic especially in logistics centres. It is also useful for protecting entrances from impact damages.

What is ScanJoint?

ScanJoint Armour Joint is a fabricated product for constructing movement joints in slabs on ground as well as slab on piles.

ScanJoint Armour Joint enables concrete shrinkage movement in ground slabs to be focused in defined locations. These joints are doweled and armoured with steel. 

ScanJoint Armour Joint has become essential in the design and construction of better, economical floors. 

Free movement joints can open up to 10mm (depending on casting panel size and restraint). It is difficult to fill up such a wide joint with joint fillers and hence, armour joints are strongly recommended.

Protected - No Spalling

Spalling At Joint

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