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ScanOxide Pigments

ScanOxide Pigments are a selection of very inert materials which are insoluble and stable in concrete’s alkaline solution. The stringent quality control of our manufacturing process ensures ScanOxide Pigments are easily dispersed into properly mixed concrete, and bonded strongly into cement matrix.

ScanOxide Pigments are guaranteed UV stable and their non-fading characteristics will maintain their original colours in concrete for years to come.

ScanOxide Pigments are made to achieve maximum benefit for end users. Thorough mixing will ensure maximum effect at minimum dosage. Up to 10% of ScanOxide Pigments can be added to cementitious materials without detrimentally affecting the concrete’s properties. However, the most effective dosage range of ScanOxide Pigments is between 3% and 6%.

Scancem Pigment - Permeable concrete 1
Scan Pigment (Iron oxide)
Scancem Pigment - Color Asphalt 2

Pigments Applications

Anything that contains cement can be coloured with SCANCEM pigments, including all interior and exterior concrete. Ready-mix and precast concrete, integrally coloured by SCANCEM pigments, has been used with great success for.

Scancem Pigment - Color Asphalt 3

Iron Oxide

The iron oxide pigment is an inorganic pigment that possesses a strong chemical stability and high covering ability. With high coloring strength, easy dispersion and superiorly resistant to light and weather, it is widely used in paint, building materials, ink, plastics, ceramics, paper, leather and versatile to fit in many other industries.
Scan Pigment (Iron oxide)
Scancem Pigment - Color Asphalt 3
Scan pigment - colour asphalt 1
Scancem Pigment - Color Asphalt 2


Once applied, the colour asphalt product possesses a strong stable quality, vibrancy in colour and exceptional in road performance. Classified into 3 categories: Matrix, modified and high viscosity.

Matrix colour asphalt is mainly applied to green roads, bike lanes, walking roads and other landscape garden roads.

Modified colour asphalt is mainly used in lanes, bus lanes, junctions, highway services and other heavy traffic pavements.

High viscosity colour asphalt is mainly used for sponge city pervious pavement and other water or drainage pavements.

Permeable Concrete

Permeable concrete is composed of coarse aggregates covered by a thin layer of cement slurry bonded to each other to form a honeycomb structure with evenly distributed holes.

This product targets the existing defects and cracks in urban roads by allowing rainwater to permeate through the ground, effectively replenishing groundwater, protecting it and maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. It not only reduces urban heat, it also benefits the human ecosystem and positively impacts the rainwater management system and water pollution control.

Scancem Pigment - Permeable concrete 1

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