Sodium Gluconate

Industrial grade widely used in many different fields

Sodium Gluconate

Sodium gluconate is a compound with formula NaC₆H₁₁O₇. It is the sodium salt of gluconic acid and is produced by fermentation of glucose.

Industrial grade sodium gluconate powder is widely used in many different fields, such as in concrete, textile industry, oil drilling, soap, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.

ItemSodium Gluconate
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
Purity %
99 Min
Loss on drying %0.50 Max
Sulphate (SO4sup>2-) %0.05 Max
Chloride (Cl) %0.07 Max
Heavy metals (Pb) ppm10 Max
Reduzate (D-glucose) %0.7 Max
PH (10% water solution)6.2~7.5

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