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Scanfibre Steel Fibre

Scanfibre steel fibre are cold drawn wires with hooked-ends and collated (glued together) in bundles for easy mixing. The length of Scanfibre ranges from 30mm to 60mm and in diameter of 0.5mm and greater. Scanfibre has High Aspect Ratio with tensile strength 1100MPa and higher, thus ensuring good cohesion with concrete and imparting a high residual strength.

The use of Scanfibre improves plain concrete’s structural characteristics such as static flexural strength, impact strength, tensile strength, ductility and flexural toughness. As a result, Scanfibre reinforced concrete slabs reduces surface cracks in concrete pavements as it has superior crack control and its toughness characteristics.

A key benefit with the use of Scanfibre is the elimination of wire mesh or rebar placement. With Scanfibre, bigger pours are possible with faster casting as concrete trucks can discharge directly into place. Scanfibre is an excellent alternative to conventional steel reinforcement solutions in slab on grade, slab on piles, tunnel linings, slope protection and toppings and pre-cast components.

Other Types of Scanfibre

Scanfibre Steel Fibre Applications

Industrial Warehouse

Ideal for any floors including flat floor for high racking function, super hard and even surface

ScanFibre - Value Improvement 1

Factories and Workshops

From light to heavily loaded floors with high ductility or toughness imparted by Scanfibre


For taxi-ways, aprons, standing areas, terminal building

Roads, Pavements, Building Aprons


For in-situ casting on hollow-core, pre-cast and pre-steressed concrete slabs and cold room.

Temporary Works

Work site walkways, drains, slopes, work areas, storage floors, container office floors

Residential Walkways, Outdoors, Pavements

Floor slabs, garage, driveways

Repair Works and Conversion of Use for Floors

Internal or external of building

Value Improvement

Quality and Performance Improvement

ScanFibre - Value Improvement

Durable and Tough Floor

ScanFibre - Value Improvement 1

Reduced Restraints & Shrinkage Cracks

Optimised Scanfibre Design Simpler Construction

Elimination of Rebar and Mesh

ScanFibre - Value Improvement 3

Productivity Enhancement

Less Man-hours

Scancem Materials - ScanFibre - Repair Works

Cost Savings

Productivity Improvement Caculator

Wonder how Scanfibre Steel Fibre can give you huge improvements and labour saving? Input your total area and we show you how much Productivity Improvement you can get and an email on the breakdown too! 

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    Long-term Benefits

    • Scanfibre is added to concrete as an alternative to conventional steel mesh or rebar used as ground bearing slabs, slab on pile, repair toppings, toppings on precast panels and pre-cast solutions.

    • The use of Scanfibre reinforced slabs out performs conventional slab as it is durable, increases longevity of floor and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

    • Scanfibre is a 3 dimensional reinforcement resulting in Excellent Performance floors resulting in high fatique resistance, High Ductility, Exceptional Impact Resistance and Excellent Crack control
    Scancem Materials - ScanFibre - Long Term benefits
    • A poorly constructed floor results in high maintenance cost, downtime for productive usage and even can cause safety issues to users.

    Scanfibre Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slab on Piles For Industrial Floors (According to Concrete Society Technical Report 34)

    Slab On Pile

    Slab on piles is recommended where the soil is poor and is prone to settlement. It is also used in filled area where heavy loading, e.g. high racking system in warehouses where settlement due to heavy loads is unacceptable

    Our Scanfibre SFRC Slab on Piles is designed according to the design method outlined in Concrete Society Technical Report 34, 4th Edition. The Scanfibre SOP slab design can be optimized if it can be incorporated during the design stage taking into consideration piling layout and detailing.

    ScanFibre Steel Fibre Reionforced Concrete Slab Design 2
    ScanFibre Steel Fibre Reionforced Concrete Slab Design 1 at WAREHOUSE AT JOHOR, MALAYSIA

    Slab On Grade

    Our team offers value improvement to builders based on TR34 Concrete Society Technical Report 34, 4th Edition.

    A design report based on the optimization of SFRC Performance and economical proposal can be made available upon request.

    Scanfibre Steel Fibre Topping on Precast Slab

    Concrete Topping for Precast Slab

    In implementing prefabricated system in constructing precast slabs, Scanfibre steel fibre concrete topping enhances performance in terms of flexural or ductility of concrete.

    Concrete when placed, is at its weakest condition for the first six hours. Due to the tensile forces built up, it shrinks and attempts to shorten in itself and thus resulting in cracks.

    Scafibre steel fibre which is 3 dimensionally distributed in the topping, prevents opening of micro cracks especially in the fresh state. In addition, as compared to conventional method, which uses mesh reinforcement, Scanfibre reduces the amount of steel reinforcement used and accelerate the construction time with less manhours used. Thus reducing carbon footprint

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