Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHCP)

No Boundaries. Endless Shapes.

What We Offer

Architectural Pre-cast Concrete Solutions

Architectural Pre-cast Concrete Solutions

With the capacity to deliver on any design, curve line, depth or bevel,  UHPC empowers you with infinite possibilities and endless opportunities.

G-Cast UHPC Features

Highly Moldable

Extreme Precision

Material Cost Saing

Installation TIme Saving

Flexible Design

Flexible Size

High Resistance

No Cracking

Technology Advancement

Today, concrete has developed far beyond our wildest imaginations, transitioning itself from a material utilized solely as a structural product into a multifunctional architectural product.

Many companies abroad have begun using concrete as an alternative to aluminum, ceramic and bricks. As a driving force on the leading edge of concrete innovation, UHPC provides new technology for the production of architectural façades, walls, fences, tiles, slabs, urban furniture and even manhole covers, unravelling a whole new spectrum of concrete implementation.

UHPC introduces a system that combines state-of-the-art production, lightness and economy with quality, precision, durability as well as unique 3D capabilities and unparalleled design flexibility.

Flexible Placement

Easily managed and highly impregnable, every panel produced by G-Cast UHPC has the ability to resist impact firmly on its own. Heavy sub-frames are not necessary for support and installation is made simple through specially designed aluminum brackets. Aesthetics are brought to the forefront of your façade as metal frames are barely visible through hollow areas and the placement of brackets or joints are flexible.

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

No Subframe Required

Thickness ranged
from 16-30mm

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Heavy Subframe Required

Compare to Concrete?

UHPC with a high compressive strength of more than 150 MPa and an improved durability marks a quantum leap in concrete technology. UHPC has very superior properties that are remarkably different to the properties of Normal Strength Concrete (NSC) and High Strength Concrete/GFRC.

Typical Characteristics of G-CAST UHPC with PVA Fibres


Compressive Strength100-120Mpa
Flexural Strength15Mpa
Tensile Strength7Mpa
Modulus of Elasticity45Gpa


Freeze-thaw (after 300 cycles)100%
Carbonation Depth<0.5mm

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